Can past life regression (PLR) be useful? Yes, there are individuals who have received aid and healing from what’s”recalling” some event from a previous life. It would seem that many people who have undergone PLR have gone to a previous human life however this isn’t always so.

Personally, I were regressed a range of times and double, quite spontaneously, found myself swimming with a pod of dolphins and I was among them. I had a sense of excellent comfort and reassurance from this and it’s understood that individuals who have really swum with dolphins have undergone any relief from symptoms such as depression and ME.

So one reason people come for PLR is for recovery and a number of therapists would say this is the real reason behind doing this. Another reason is to experience anything that comes up and I largely run PLR to your interest that people have inside. I’ve practiced globally in America and Holland as well as in the United Kingdom and did PLR on a woman who went from France to me in Wales. I also have done a presentation on PLR at Montreal, Canada.

I also have presented my job and case research at global conferences and has been a guest lecturer on PLR at the XXVI International Conference of Psychology at Montreal. There is research to prove that PLR is a therapeutic experience. Many case studies might be given of where recovery has occurred after PLR has been ran. One thing is for certain that to have experienced PLR would be always to look at”living” in an entirely new way.

Some customers are impressed by their expertise of PLR to repeat the experience and some have had up to 4 or even 5 or 6 sessions to research different lives. Their motivation for doing this can be interest but also the healing aspect of moving to a previous life and resolving an issue or trauma which appears to have an effect on the life. To estimate 1 client;”Yes, this is my principal interest (the healing aspect of PLR) to identify primary traumas whose consequences are still have an effect on my present life.

This client really went into the region in Spain, where he had undergone a past life, for a ten day vacation after the sessions said he had an adventure there of deja vue. This gave additional concreteness to his experience of their past life he had under hypnosis.

Yet another less usual use was one woman who wanted me to restrain her regressing into a previous life because it was interfering in her present life. Her experience was that she was spontaneously regressing into a past life in the11th Century and discovered she might be spending the entire night . When she woke up in the morning she’d be tired because she had lived the life minute by minute!

She gave me the example of a night where her and her husband had gone to bed and she turned towards him. He then vanished and she suddenly was at a different bed being hunted over by a guy in a hood who she felt wasn’t threatening. Once she identified him she stated he was the primary link between that life and this particular one. She could even communicate info about this life also.

I had one customer who specifically stated this atmosphere about his partner. Other people have said the exact same thing and it is not uncommon in PLR to provide the instruction to see if the person recognises anybody in the past life as somebody that they know in this life too.